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Chart draws

For any of the charts below, press the play button to update price bars. Trendlines were drawn on the date shown below each chart and remain valid until the next update. Written text updated separately.


Gold broke through the long term zone of support (between the horizontal blue lines) and was supported at $1680. The gold price is back in the long term support zone. The next overhead resistance is at $1840.

Gold 27 Feb 2021 by goldandsilverassets on


Silver broke out from a descending wedge which is usually a bullish pattern. The target above is $30.

Silver USD 25th April 2021 by goldandsilverassets on

GDX (Vaneck Vectors gold miners ETF)

GDX 27 Feb 2021 by goldandsilverassets on


On the monthly scale, the lower trendline of the large ascending wedge has broken on the monthly, weekly, and daily timescales. Over the past year, a descending wedge appears to have formed. Although a break out occurred, the movement was weak and DXY is turning down again. Support back at 89.

DXY 26 Jan 2021 by goldandsilverassets on

SILJ (Silver junior mining stock ETF)

The SILJ ETF remains in consolidation. A break below 14 would be bearish. A break above 17.50 would be very bullish.

SILJ ETF 25th April 2021 by goldandsilverassets on